2000 chevrolet silverado speakers

My spouse and i replaced the front audio speakers within my stock AC Delco audio tracks system in a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado model LT with component loudspeakers in front side. I was supposed to drill new screw holes in the doorway but it was way too hard so I made the decision to modify the video in housing from the stock system and use a dremel to make it fit which proved helpful perfectly. The stock tweeters are still linked with these 2 way loudspeakers and the sound is amazing. These are a great inexpensive upgrade and I got 4×6 polk db in the start which don’t sound as nice as these in front. The 6. 5″ sound is rich and more separated and striper is tighter and able of handling max quantity without distortion for my classic rock taste. Remarkably satisfied and recommended. see this article